Articles by Grace Petrucci

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Published: May 19, 2021
As 5G becomes more widespread, an underlying question remains: How will you be able to monetize your investments? Service providers will need modern edge strategies not only to attract different enterprise verticals, but also to deliver on the promise of 5G—increased bandwidth and lower latency close to end users.
Published: Apr 2, 2021
Mobile networks are becoming increasingly more complex, with multiple generations of networks coexisting alongside security risks that have been inherited from previous implementations. When building out your 5G network, security must be incorporated as part of the planning phase to avoid damaging and costly security missteps.
Published: Nov 13, 2020
When it comes to 5G and innovation, one's imagination is the only limit. We all know that 5G is largely meant to satisfy the insatiable appetite for lightning-fast speeds and real-time (sub-millisecond) latencies. But it’s also the fundamental basis for enterprise vertical industries and academia enabling the development of some really remarkable technological advances.