Securing Your Apps and Your Business in the Digital Economy

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Your applications are some of your organization’s most valuable assets. They are the gateways to your data—and your customers’ data. Attackers know this better than anyone, and with apps everywhere and accessible anywhere, there is increased risk to your apps, and to your business.

At this live virtual summit, we’ll bring together experts from across F5 to share the latest app security strategies and how security solutions from F5, Shape Security and NGINX protect your applications from today’s advanced attacks and tomorrow’s emerging threats.

Join us to gain insights into:

  • Enabling Advanced Application Security ​
  • Sophisticated Cyber Attacks & Trends in Online Fraud ​
  • How to Manage Risks in the Cloud ​

Topics at a Glance

Why Security Can’t Be Optional Why Security Can’t Be Optional
Sara Boddy, Senior Director, F5 Labs, F5

Over the past 20 years, the threat landscape has evolved, not because defenders have made life more difficult for attackers but because attackers have become more innovative in their use of stolen data. It is easy for attackers to hit their targets: people, and vulnerable apps. Attackers are successful with little innovation beyond new use cases for stolen data, and their challenge is finding new business models for their bots. Because outside of compliance, security is optional.

Meanwhile, defenders appear to not be learning from the past. In this talk, we will cover the evolution of risk management strategies over the years, the current threat landscape, where we are innovating and not evolving, and what we need to do moving forward. And if we choose to value a stable internet, a communication system that our modern world depends upon, security cannot be optional.
Enabling Advanced Application Security Enabling Advanced Application Security
Corey Marshall, Director Solutions Engineering, F5
Peter Scheffler,
Senior Security Solutions Architect, F5

Today’s threat landscape requires applications to be available, secure and agile. Agile to meet the ever changing demands of today’s business world, available across all platforms and secure from prying eyes and hackers. Meeting these needs is a continuous challenge for security professionals. F5’s App Protect Solutions meet these needs head-on, providing security that integrates with CI/CD pipelines to ease and responds to new and changing threats. See how our App Protect Solutions for both customer-managed and outsourced solutions can be tailored to your needs.
Sophisticated Cyber Attacks and Trends in Online FraudSophisticated Cyber Attacks and Trends in Online Fraud
Jarrod Overson, Director of Engineering, Shape Security

Every day there is a cat and mouse game security professional play with attackers trying to make an illicit profit at your company’s or your customers’ expense. Understanding where we have come from can give you clues and ideas about what attackers will do next and how to be one step ahead of the pack.
In this session, you will learn about the evolution and economics of credential stuffing and how to make yourself a hard target that is just worth the effort.
SSL/TLS Visibility & Orchestration SSL/TLS Visibility & Orchestration
Kevin Stewart, Senior Security Solutions Architect, F5

Persistent cyber threats don’t disappear when you type https:// into the browser address bar. Digital crime doesn’t cease to exist when you enable TLS on your servers. And the kind of malware that exfiltrates millions of personnel records to the Dark Web doesn’t evaporate when you enable two-factor authentication. Encrypted analysis may fingerprint command and control, but that means the damage has already begun. Meanwhile, the malicious payload walked in the front door right past the security guard. The only reasonable way to defend against it is to catch it in the act, and an entire industry of security products are designed for just this task. But ironically, encryption makes this hard. You can't protect against what you can't see. F5 SSL Orchestrator dynamically orchestrates traffic to your security stack. It ensures encrypted traffic can be decrypted, inspected by security controls, then re-encrypted - maximizing your investments in security inspection technologies. Forrester Consulting recently conducted a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study on behalf of F5, showing an analysis of F5’s SSL/TLS Visibility solution and found that the average customer will see an ROI of 373%.
Securing Modern Applications Securing Modern Applications
Chris Witeck, Director of Product Management, NGINX
Daphne Won, Principal Product Manager, NGINX

As applications become more distributed, the attack surface is increasing. Organizations often have to make tradeoffs between releasing software quickly and ensuring security compliance. The impact to an organization’s reputation if a critical application is breached can be severe. In this session, we discuss how F5 and NGINX are bringing best-of-breed technologies together to ensure that application security is woven into every part of the application infrastructure.
F5 Security Strategy for Zero Trust F5 Security Strategy for Zero Trust
Greg Maudsley, Senior Director, Security Product Marketing
Corey Marshall, Director, Solutions Engineering, F5

Zero Trust is a powerful strategy that can help a business go faster and be more secure. In recent years it has received a lot of airtime even though it is not a new concept. It’s a concept that’s more relevant and important today than ever, particularly as companies around the world grapple with how to operate and respond during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn how you can deploy a Zero Trust model with F5 in an application-centric world.
How to Manage Risks in the Cloud How to Manage Risks in the Cloud
Peter Hoffmeister, Global Senior Director, Public Cloud Solution Architect, F5
Peter Silva, Senior Solution Developer – DevCentral, F5
Tim Wagner, Principal Cloud Evangelist and Technical Advisor, F5

Cloud allows organizations to offload many responsibilities to third-party providers, but mitigating the risk to your applications isn’t one of them. In fact, the use of cloud and other third-party resources is rapidly expanding your attack surface, while reducing visibility and control over applications and data. In this session, attendees will learn how you protect your applications hosted in the cloud.


John Morgan
Vice President & General Manager, Security Solutions, F5
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John is responsible for driving the security business and ensuring customers have secure application services.

John has over 20 years of experience in security, including securing data, networks, and mobile solutions. He has held senior management positions such as VP of Product Management, VP of Engineering, and CEO at companies such as MobileIron, Microsoft, Code Green Networks, SonicWALL, and Shadow Networks.  John has brought many new innovative business solutions to market in mobile data security, cloud security and SaaS, unified communications, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), VPN, firewall, and Wi-Fi solutions. He has start-up experience as a co-founder as well as experience going through IPO and running global teams at large multi-national companies.

Sara Boddy
Senior Director, F5 Labs, F5
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Sara Boddy is the Senior Director of F5’s threat intelligence reporting division, F5 Labs.

Boddy has worked in the information security industry for the past 20 years. Prior to F5, she was the VP of Information Security and Business Intelligence at Demand Media which owned web and ecommerce properties, sold online community engagement tools, and owned domain registrars registries (eNom, and Rightside). Before Demand Media, Boddy worked for two different information security consulting firms that focused on incident response, security program development, compliance readiness (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOX), and technical control implementations. Boddy specializes in strategic threat analysis, incident response and application security, compliance, audit, and information security awareness training, and has extensive experience with M&A, IPOs, and public company splits.


Corey Marshall
Director Solutions Engineering,
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In his role as Director & Sr. Security Solutions Architect at F5 Networks, Corey Marshall applies his 20+ years of global experience in a broad range of domains including secure network and platform design, digital forensics and surveillance, incident response, regulatory compliance, and vulnerability assessment/penetration testing to the challenges and opportunities facing F5’s clients. He currently focuses on web and mobile application security strategies and is recognized as F5’s leading expert in Zero Trust architectures.

Peter Scheffler
Senior Security Solutions Architect,
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Peter has over 25 years of experience in the software industry with another decade before that as an amateur programmer. Peter has spent the last 15 years in the world of web application development and application security. As an independent consultant, Peter spent time developing solutions for securing network and application access for Fortune 1000 and security conscious government organizations. Peter currently works with F5 Networks as a Cyber Security Solutions Architect where he focuses on security opportunities across North America, specializing in DDoS, SSL Intercept/Visibility and Web Application Firewall cases.

Kevin Stewart
Senior Security Solutions Architect, 
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Kevin’s 25+ year career spans US Federal and DoD IT systems, including specialization in PKI and cryptographic systems. Moving on to F5 Networks, he’s spent the last decade focused on cryptography, network security, access/identity solutions, and SSL visibility strategies. Kevin is a huge contributor to the F5 DevCentral developer community and actively teaches, evangelizes, and contributes to F5’s crypto and visibility story.

Greg Maudsley
Senior Director, Security Product Marketing, F5
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Greg Maudsley is the Senior Director of Security Product Marketing for F5. With more than 20 years of experience working and leading teams in the cyber security space, Maudsley returned to F5 in 2018 after leading product marketing at Menlo Security, a Silicon Valley threat isolation startup. Prior to Menlo Security, Maudsley led F5 security product marketing and has also worked at Juniper Networks, Cisco, and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Maudsley holds an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University and a B.S. in physics from the University of Redlands.


Jarrod Overson

Director of Engineering,
Shape Security
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Jarrod Overson is a Director of Engineering at Shape Security where he led the development of Shape’s Enterprise Defense products. Jarrod has been outspoken in the field of modern web threats and has been instrumental in the progression of defenses against automated threats like credential stuffing. He’s the creator of Plato, a JavaScript static analysis tool, author of O’Reilly’s Developing Web Components, and a frequent speaker, writer, and trainer.

Prior to Shape Security, Jarrod was a consultant working with companies including Best Buy, Walmart, and Riot Games where he helped teams migrate legacy applications into high-performance HTML5 web applications.

Peter Silva
Senior Solution Developer – DevCentral,
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Part of the F5 DevCentral Team, Peter is a technical writer, evangelist, speaker, video host, storyteller and overall clever guy for F5. Bringing the slightly theatrical and fairly technical together, he enjoys digging into how technology impacts society and people. On top of it, he has also been in such plays as The Glass Menagerie, All’s Well That Ends Well, Cinderella and others. Happy to celebrate 16 years with F5 this month (May 2020)!

Chris Witeck
Director of Product Management,
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He is working to define the optimal customer experience for F5's next generation ADC platform.

Prior to joining f5, Chris was a principal technology strategist at Citrix, where he worked to research and cultivate new technologies that extended the value of Citrix solutions. His specific focus was the Internet of Things (IoT), and engaging with customers to build IoT enabled product protypes that gathered contextual information that improved and personalized the delivery of Citrix Workspaces.

Tim Wagner
Principal Cloud Evangelist and Technical Advisor, F5
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Tim Wagner is F5’s Principal Cloud Evangelist and Technical Advisor and is responsible for educating and advising customers and partners on F5 cloud initiatives. With a deep understanding of market and technology trends and enterprise infrastructure best practices, he works with F5 product leaders and cloud alliance partners to create joint solutions and product integrations that enable F5’s customers to architect high performance, future-forward environments that drive growth and competitive advantage.

Tim has been with F5 for over 8 years and has held various roles within the organization. Prior to his current role, he has served as sales engineer for major accounts, sales engineering manager, security specialist, and director of cloud solutions for the Americas.

Prior to joining F5, Tim spent 10 years at Managed Services Provider Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems, helping customers design and manage complex global network and security infrastructures. Tim has had the pleasure of working directly with many multi-national enterprise organizations, such as Heineken, British Petroleum (BP), Shell and Aldi. Early in his career, Tim served as desktop support specialist, network engineer, security engineer and technical operations manager. Tim’s unique combination of deep technical expertise and global leadership experience enable him to successfully advise business and IT leaders and drive continuous innovation for F5.

Daphne Won

Principal Product Manager,
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Daphne Won is the current Principal Product Manager for the NGINX Controller App Security Module and strategy of app protection solutions across NGINX products.  She’s been at F5 for almost 7 years now product managing various Security related products.   She wants to hear and discuss with customers about challenges around securing applications and data and together identify ways to help protect the ever changing world of applications and technology.

Peter Hoffmeister

Global Senior Director,
Public Cloud Solution Architect, F5
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Peter is F5’s Global Senior Director, Public Cloud Solution Architects and is responsible for the technical relationships with F5’s cloud provider partners and their associated ecosystems. His team works with these partners to increase adoption of F5 cloud services through technical integration, field enablement and driving joint strategic initiatives.

Prior to F5, Peter spent 12 years at Microsoft where he led a range of technical sales teams focused on building partner ecosystems across IoT, Embedded, large multi-national OEM partners and local PC system builders. He has worked at software start-ups, consulting firms as well as at mid- to large-sized companies. He has significant experience leading diverse, globally dispersed teams in the manufacturing, PC and telecommunications industries across functions ranging from product design, program management and engineering to product marketing.