Virtual Event Series

Shape Defense in Action

Think Like an Attacker Series

Monthly, 12:30 - 1:30 PM PT

Shape Security (Part of F5), protects web and mobile applications from fraud and abuse by answering 3 fundamental questions about the user:

  1. Are you human? 
  2. Are you good or bad? 
  3. Are you who you say you are?  

By answering these questions, Shape makes it possible to stop malicious automated attacks, identify fraudulent human activity, and reward legitimate users all in real time. Interested in seeing Shape’s defense in action? Join us for an upcoming session. 

This interactive series will cover:

  • How an attacker thinks through constructing an automated attack.
  • The tools used by attackers and how quickly an attack can be launched. 
  • Things to look for to detect if there is automation present in your environment.
  • How Shape’s understanding of the user protects and enables online web and mobile applications.

May Speaker:


Weston Eakman is a Solutions Engineer at F5 Shape Security. He began his journey working as a Network Engineer, which led to his transition into cybersecurity. With over 3.5 years in Cybersecurity, Weston has worked with some of the largest retail companies to improve and strengthen their security posture and provide a better experience for their customers.

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