Modern Application Development Webinar Series

Rethinking Apps for Digital Transformation By Enabling Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

The pressure to transform digitally has become universal, enterprises in every industry sector have embarked on a Digital Transformation journey in one way or another. Applications have become the lifeblood of the global economy. Every business is becoming an application business and every industry is becoming application-centric industry. While aspiring to digitally transform, most enterprises are straddling old world and new world—classic monolithic and three-tier architectures alongside cloud-native architectures.

Unsurprisingly, managing this mix of old and new is a significant challenge. At their core, these struggles are the classic tales of silos leading to a lack of visibility (eg: how many apps, where are those apps live and who has access to them).

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Leveraging Application Telemetry and Machine Learning For Actionable Intelligence

Technology is accelerating far more quickly than anyone could have imagined. Convergences of AI, machine learning, open platforms will transform today’s legacy deployments.  What will happen to the way we look at application data paths and event logs? F5 and Elastic are coming together to provide actionable intelligence to organizations by discovering patterns and relationships between seemingly disparate data points.

Lean how organizations can leverage telemetry and machine learning to improve customer experience and business performance.

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Application Access

The Survival Playbook for Business Continuity

The spread of COVID-19 is being felt globally across operations in ways that are difficult to model and assess. It has presented a situation most organizations probably didn’t anticipate: What happens when even the disaster recovery sites and business continuity plans are rendered useless? How do you run a global business when flights are grounded, and countries regulate who can enter? 

Join to find out how to:

  • Secure and ensure productivity from a sheltered workforce.
  • Enable everywhere, anywhere authorized application access.
  • Support all users easily, quickly, and cost effectively with no performance trade-offs for security, even in the most demanding environments.

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Guide To Automate And Orchestrate The Delivery Of Network And Services In Modern Cloud Native Architecture

As a cloud architect, you need to build a long-term strategy that relies on predictable, reusable patterns. That way, you reduce tool sprawl while providing the stability and agility you need—securely. A secure cloud architecture brings together the robustness, depth of security, and visibility of the modern data center with the agility and service-based model of the public cloud.

Join this webinar to learn more about how F5 can help you build on a foundation of advanced app services that enable the automatable security, performance, and visibility of the entire data path to the application.

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As the application developers build and deploy at speed - How does the application security catch up? How can we create distributed architecture to meet the security requirements for these modern applications?

Learn how a distributed architecture helps fortify the API-first modern applications at the speed of DevOps

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