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I'm a developer; should I care about a service mesh?

Lessons from your DevOps, lean practice and continuous delivery journey.

What challenges remain from a continuous improvement prospective?

  • Digital native vs digital immigrant
  • Dev asks from platform/SRE and security team members

Join us for an informative and casual session!

Lunch & Learn: Evolving firewall enforcement; F5 traffic intelligence and managing encrypted threats

Learn how F5 can integrate Traffic Intelligence with protocol compliance to create custom categories, in order to implement user/group based policies - uplifting your existing firewall footprint to provide next-generation enterprise capabilities.


  • Presentation on F5 next-generation capabilities for IPS, Traffic Intelligence, SSL decryption, AD-integration
  • Live demonstration of capabilities
  • Open ended discussion on leveraging footprint and integration into existing environments

Realising Security policies in a Multi-Ingress Controller environment

APIs are core to modern businesses, delivering revenue and value. We call this the API economy. Infrastructure and DevOps teams have to grapple with many challenges as the usage of APIs gain wide adoption both internally at Telstra and externally.

Join Telstra's Ashima Gera Kulkarni and F5 Solution Architect Rajesh Bavantham as they discuss:

  • Ashima will present Telstra’s OK-API vision on what a modern API gateway requires
  • How to run your API workloads effectively in a Kubernetes environment
  • How to apply WAF security policies at the edge on top of Kubernetes
  • How to use Json Web Token (JWT) policies at the edge to enforce AuthZ and rate limiting.

Why use a Zero Trust Identity Aware proxy?

Zero trust is a response to the modern enterprise reality that sees remote users, unmanaged devices (BYOD) and cloud-based applications that are not located within the enterprise perimeter. Zero trust focuses on protecting resources (assets, services, workflows, network accounts), not network segments, as the network location is no longer a reliable indication of user identity.

Learn from Telstra and F5 security experts why Zero Trust architecture has become necessary to stop breaches. We'll discuss:

  • Why we need to change the way we think about user privilege
  • New F5 technologies to continuously assess trust
  • Telstra’s evolution from perimeter control to application control

Current Trends in DDoS – it’s the little things that matter

Join Senior Threat Researcher Malcolm Heath from F5 Labs and Shain Singh, Security Architect at F5, as we discuss the current global trends in DDOS.

DDoS traffic is constantly morphing as defenses improve and new attack techniques are developed. In this brief session, we’ll take a look at how the use of IoT to generate DDoS traffic has many side effects. Plus, how targeting of API endpoints and microservices changes the defensive landscape.

About F5 Labs: F5 Labs is F5’s threat research organisation, with the goal of gathering global threat intelligence data, analysing application threats and publishing related findings. They process app threat data from F5 and it’s partners into actionable intelligence and share the Who, What, When, Why, How and What's Next of cyber attacks.