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Applications are the gateways to your critical and sensitive data
. And, today, your apps can be hosted anywhere – on premises, co-located, or in a public or private cloud. Secure access to your applications continues to be a necessity. But ensuring that your users have secure, authenticated access anytime, anywhere, to only the applications that they are authorized to access is becoming difficult to maintain. There are different methods of application access to deal with. There are various means of ensuring authorized user identity, as well as different methods of single sign-on (SSO) and federation, all in an attempt to simplify the user access experience. 

With digital transformation touching every part of today’s enterprise, cloud and SaaS applications are becoming the new enterprise application standard. Many organizations, however, find that they are unable to migrate all of their applications off premises. In addition, many enterprises are unable or unwilling to migrate all of their apps to the cloud at the same time. These situations result in applications being hosted in a variety of locations, with differing and many times disparate authentication and authorization methods, which can’t work seamlessly across your existing SSO or identity federation means, including Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS). 

F5® BIG-IP® Access Policy Manager® (APM) is a secure, flexible, high-performance access management proxy solution that delivers unified global access control for your users, devices, applications, and application programming interfaces (APIs). Through its single management interface, BIG-IP APM converges and consolidates remote, mobile, network, virtual desktops, and web access. With BIG-IP APM, you can create and enforce simple, dynamic, intelligent access policies.

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