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Mitigating Application DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks threaten businesses with downtime that can be damaging to their brand and reputation and even lead to financial losses. With the many IoT device-powered botnets and “for-hire” DDoS services, the threat and complexity of an attack is now greater than ever. Whether volumetric, computational or application mimicking in nature the common goal of these attacks is to make your application or network unavailable.

Your network, DNS, and TLS are not often thought of as being a part of an application. Yet DoS or DDoS attacks against these tiers can render your networks, applications, or other supporting infrastructure inaccessible. HTTP(S) DDoS application attacks are highly sophisticated in terms of mitigation. The real challenge is to identify and successfully block attackers’ requests whilst still allowing legitimate traffic.

By attending this session, you will...

  • understand why HTTP floods are difficult to mitigate successfully
  • get a principle understanding of F5's HTTP(S) DDoS layers
  • learn how to protect your business by configuring F5's smart L7 DDos multi-layer protection

Presenter and moderator

Sven Mueller

Security Solution Architect


Wim Zandee

Solution Engineering Director

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