Virtual Meetup

NGINX - AWS Virtual Meetup – From Code to Customer

Event details

When: Wednesday, June 9, 2021 I 10:00 – 12:30
Where: Virtual via Zoom webinars (personal link will be provided once registered)
Pre-requisites: Skilled on Web application, Linux, Automation, Working with APIs, Basic programmability, familiarity with application security, K8

Who should attend?
Application developers, DevOps engineers, SecDevOps engineers

Why should you attend?
In this workshop you will experience how to deploy your application in an agile way, using NGINX Controller utilizing AWS compute, applying all the application services needed, such as service mesh, API management and web application firewall in a fully automated way.

Increase availability, security and application performance with Kubernetes Nginx Ingress

  1. Monitor application performance
  2. Authenticate users with OpenID Connect
  3. Zero Trust - Applying Mutual TLS authentication

Gain visibility and security with Nginx Service Mesh

  1. Trace your application functions within the mesh
  2. Secure the interservice communication
  3. Control traffic to external resources

The Nginx Controller

  1. Publish the application APIs with NGINX Micro Gateway
  2. Enhance APIs with JWT or Access Key token authentication
  3. Monitor your application performance

Secure you application with Nginx App Protect Web Application Firewall


Sorin Boiangiu
Nginx Solutions Engineer


Artiom Lichtenstein
Solutions Architect,
Amazon Web Services

Registrations for June 9 session are now closed