F5 & NGINX Webinar: Do you need an Ingress Controller?

The Kubernetes Ingress Controller is both widely used, and widely misunderstood. In this webinar Leif Beaton (Senior Solutions Architect at NGINX) will be covering all aspects of this software infrastructure component, including the benefits, and the potential downsides. We will dig deep into questions such as ‘Is the ingress controller mandatory?’ and ‘What are the similarities between the Ingress Controller and an API gateway?’

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Webinar details

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Time: 15:00PM - 16:00PM, Dubai Time (GMT+ 4)

Webinar presenter and moderator

Leif Beaton

Senior Solution Architect,

Leif is a Senior Solutions Architect at NGINX based in Cork, Ireland. Having worked in the IT sector for 20 years he has built a diverse background encompassing Security, Networking, Hardware and Software architecture, as well development. Leif interacts daily with NGINX customers, helping them translate their requirements into modern architecture

Aine Long

Senior Regional Marketing Manager,

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