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Key Challenges

  • Both employees and contractors are targeted for account takeover attacks. Shape Enterprise Defense prevents automated account takeover attempts.
  • On demand services and marketplaces face excessive scraping due to the value behind their networks. Shape Enterprise Defense enables fine-grained control over scrapers, automatically blocking some, while flagging or limiting others.
  • Bot accounts are not just a social media problem. Attackers use fake accounts in a variety of ways: to defraud marketplace vendors, manipulate user ratings, send spam, etc. Shape Enterprise Defense stops bad actors from creating fake accounts at scale.


A Top 5 Grossing Mobile App Defeats ATOs

  • 4 out of 5 login requests were credential stuffing attacks.
  • CDN-provider only able to prevent 20% of attacks
  • Shape eliminated all attacks, reducing site latency from 250 ms to 100 ms

Case Study: Global Dating Platform Defeats Account Takeovers




Reasons Why Silicon Valley Chooses Shape

Flexible Deployment Models

Deploy via a cloud service provider (e.g., GCP), your CDN (e.g., Fastly), or JavaScript-only model.

Frictionless UX

Shape’s solutions are completely invisible to the end-user, add 0 latency, and even allow companies to remove other sources of friction, e.g., CAPTCHA.

The Dataset

AI is only as good as its dataset. Shape’s machine-learning models are trained on 2 billion transactions per day, including 150+ million human transactions.

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