Protect apps in real-time and realize broad app security from a single Saas-based platform.

DDoS Mitigation
Mitigate application-based and volumetric distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks

Web Application Firewall
Protect web applications with advanced threat detection and AI/ML intelligence

Bot Defense
Real-time detection and mitigation of malicious bot attacks

API Security
Discover API endpoints, allow legitimate transactions and monitor for anomalous behaviors

App Infrastructure Protection (AIP)
Protect your cloud-native infrastructure to secure your entire environment.

Client-Side Defense
Protect customer credentials, financial details, and PII against Magecart, Formjacking, and other client-side supply chain attacks

Aggregator Management
Embrace Open Banking while managing Aggregator and Third-Party Provider (TTP) risks

Protect ecommerce and digital properties while boosting customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Account Protection
Powerful artificial intelligence for fraud protection.

Authentication Intelligence
Increase topline digital revenue and improve customer experience by eliminating login friction for legitimate returning consumers.

Reduce the complexities of connecting applications and workloads across multiple cloud, on-premises and edge environments.

Multi-Cloud Transit
Securely connect applications and workloads across multiple clouds.

Load Balancer & K8s Gateway
Load balance applications across distributed environments using a secure Kubernetes ingress-egress controller.

Ensure high availability and robust application performance in the cloud.

Get primary or secondary DNS and boost the global performance and resilience of apps across multiple clouds and availability zones.

DNS Load Balancer
Simplify cloud-based DNS management and load balancing and get disaster recovery to ease the burden on operations and development teams.

Enable rich digital experiences with a high-performing multi-cloud and edge focused CDN that integrates with app security services.