Consistently Control Access to Multi-Cloud Applications with F5 Access Manager and Equinix

The issue of remote access has become a priority as our response to the pandemic continues to encourage, if not require, working from "anywhere but the office." The first wave of remote access concerns was focused on users. How do they access ...

Packing Up and Moving to SaaS

While SaaS is not really all that new, what is new is the range of activities being commoditized and packaged as SaaS. All manner of business functions are joining CRM, SFA, productivity, and communications as SaaS offerings. And we anticipate that organizations will quickly jump at the chance to offload the operation of such software to a provider.

Cloud-Native Architectures Accelerate Need for New Ways to Solve Security Challenges

Despite changes in architectures and location, security problems do not change. Customers still need to protect applications, ensure availability, and defend against DDoS attacks. Application security is just a bigger challenge now due to the expanding attack surfaces and vulnerabilities.

The Advantages and Necessity of Open Source

Agile processes enable rapid releases to deliver customer value quickly and seamlessly; and new technologies make it viable to deliver daily releases, particularly for customers operating on a massive, global scale. Open source provides a model that offers the flexibility, agility, and stability companies need to efficiently deliver applications to their end-users—without the restrictions of vendor lock-in.

We are Entering a New World of “Adaptive Applications.” Here’s What that Means.

Automatically grow, shrink, defend, and heal your modern adaptive applications. Learn how F5 helps you scale and secure your apps for an extraordinary customer experience.

Online and offsite: the future of training and consultancy?

As offices gradually re-open across the world, the question arises of how many of our old working habits we will return to.

Beyond Visibility is Operability

There are two walls in the delivery path for applications. The first (which has been the cause of much friction) is between development and production. And while DevOps methodologies have begun to break down this wall, the other—the one between production and delivery to consumers—is not so easily breached.

Connecting Priorities, Teams, and Budgets to Achieve the Greatest Impact on Business Performance

Decision-makers need to ask more of themselves, their people, and their investments. Most importantly, they need to connect priorities, teams, and budgets to achieve the greatest impact.

Improving Security Outcomes with F5 SSLO in Equinix

Over the years we've seen a lot of industry trends come and go. Two—cloud and mobility—fall into what we might call "mega trends." These are movements within the industry that have...

Lost and Found: A Simple Solution to a Difficult Problem

Pause for a minute and ask yourself the following questions: Do you know how many apps you have? Do you know how those apps are performing? Do you know what those apps are doing? These questions may seem very basic, but many enterprises are struggling to find answers to them. F5’s Adil Laari explores app visibility in the context of the company’s new SaaS offering, F5 Beacon.

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