The Third Wave of the Internet is Driving the Need for a New Edge Platform

Edge computing is under pressure to simultaneously evolve with each wave of the internet. As we ride the third wave, this next evolution demands the creation of a platform to support new capabilities within the edge ecosystem. A platform that cannot simply be bolted together, but requires a new approach with design considerations at the architectural level.

F5 Labs Shows Evolving Threat Landscape in Latest Application Protection Report

F5 Labs recently published its annual Application Protection Report, synthesizing data from several sources to understand the evolution of the threat landscape over time, the relationship between organizations’ characteristics and the attack techniques they face, and—most importantly—what security practitioners can do to mitigate the risks.

Meet the Minds behind F5’s Advanced Threat Research Center of Excellence (ATRCoE)

Not even the stealthiest threats can hide from F5's Advanced Threat Research Center of Excellence. The team conducts rigorous research to unravel the details of today's cybersecurity threats and then shares their insights to help shut them down.

Catalysts of F5 NGINX for Azure

Christine Puccio looks at market and industry trends that point to the value F5 creates in broadening the ways customers can leverage popular commercial marketplaces to procure, consume, and expand the use of solutions from the company’s growing software and SaaS portfolio.

Balancing Risk and Innovation: Security’s Mission Impossible?

Today, security must fulfill multiple roles: enabler of digital transformation, steward of customer trust, and bulwark of organizational reputation. As an essential element of business success, aligning a company's perception of security as a mindset instead of just a feature represents a cultural change that requires time and effort.

7 (More) Cybersecurity Myths that are Harming Your Business

It's been two years since Dan Woods flagged 7 notable cybersecurity myths plaguing organizations. Since then, the world has been shocked economically, politically, and technologically, bringing into focus an additional 7 myths that continue to trip up IT teams.

The Role of Certificates

Guest blogger Sean Wright explores the purpose of certificates and why they play an important role in securing TLS connections.

State of Application Strategy 2022: Digital Innovators Highlight the Importance of Modernizing

This year’s State of Application Strategy Report aims to uncover what it takes to be a digital transformation leader. These Digital Innovators are at the forefront for how they interact with customers, how their organizations create products and services, and how their internal operations teams and technology stack deliver these experiences.

State of Application Strategy 2022: Asia Pacific Prioritizes Edge Deployments, Security Workloads

The need for multi-cloud and edge deployments stems from the growing digital landscape and accelerating business requirements.

The Move to Modernize Ops Will Increase the Need for Software Supply Chain Security

Existing security for the software supply chain is lacking, and it's only going to get worse as organizations modernize ops with SRE approaches. Organizations wanting to survive their digital transformation journey should take this deficit seriously, incorporating secure software supply chain approaches to tooling and operational software from the start.

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