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Serverless is Real - and Growing like Gangbusters

Serverless means developers don’t need to worry about infrastructure. And the business, too, sees value in its speed and efficiency. Combined with the frictionless nature of deploying code with serverless, you can be out the door with functionality in hours rather than weeks or months.

F5 Helps Launch AWS Consulting Partner Private Offers Program

F5 is one of an exclusive group of launch partners of AWS’ Consulting Partner Private Offers Program, giving partners extended capabilities in making F5 application services available to customers via the AWS Marketplace.

As-Code: The Continuous IT Stack

Infrastructure, Configuration, Pipeline, Operations. Suddenly everything is “as code.” Lori MacVittie attempts to sort through the terminology and identify the different components within a continuous IT stack.

Supply-Chain Hacks and Hardware’s Role in Security

Chief Architect Dave Schmitt and the Office of the CTO reflect on the importance of hardware security expertise in the context of the recent Bloomberg article on Super Micro. The article also includes questions to ask your vendors to help make sure your systems are protected.

Microservices: Less Micro and More Services

Lori MacVittie explores how the industry has found itself with a strange hybrid of Service-Oriented and Microservice architectures that leaves many wondering where one ends and the other begins.

F5 Friday: Pushing F5 Telemetry to Your Pipeline

When we recently polled IT ops practitioners on the ‘State of Network Automation,’ we found the market experiencing a number of challenges. Among those cited specifically by NetOps professionals was a lack of integrated tools with which to move forward with automation efforts.

Application Services Must Follow Apps as They Follow Data

While the adoption of cloud and containers have disrupted typical network architectures, applications remain tethered to the data for which they are the primary interface. CTO Ryan Kearny explains how a cause-and-effect relationship between apps and data is critical to the future of application delivery, particularly as we find ourselves on the verge of generating more data than we can move.

IT Ops Must go Beyond Scripting to Automation

The goal of automation in almost any industry focuses on optimization and eliminating bottlenecks. In the world of IT, that typically means addressing the in-between steps of an operational process.

Day 0 was Day 1 of Development

From day one of development through post-deployment, the choices we make regarding the security of the entire application stack play out with far-reaching consequences.

A Few Best Things About the New F5 Labs Site

A closer look at recent enhancements to the F5 Labs site, and how the team is improving access to application security and threat analysis research.