Safaricom unlocks new levels of availability with F5 and NGINX

Safaricom, the largest telecommunications operator in Kenya, leveraged the power of an F5 and NGINX API gateway solution to achieve high availability and reinforce application security.

SISTIC Singapore saves 80% of costs and accelerates go-to-market speed with F5 NGINX Plus

SISTIC Singapore, the leading and largest ticketing agency in the country, turned to F5 NGINX Plus to achieve lower costs, greater scalability and increased deployment efficiency.

Virtualization and flexible licensing help fuel CSG’s dramatic modernization

CSG, a 35-year-old provider of customer engagement services for the telecommunications and cable industry, leveraged an F5 Enterprise Licensing Agreement to facilitate its digital transformation journey.

EXIM Bank creates a more seamless and secure customer experience with F5 solutions

The Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited (EXIM Bank) transitioned into a full-fledged bank with activities that adhere to Islamic law and uses a real-time banking application called Temenos Transact. To ensure it could scale this solution across its branches and enhance the security of online banking transactions, EXIM Bank leveraged F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM).

Lifewire helps domestic violence survivors find a lifeline through remote digital support

With help from an F5 Global Good Tech for Good grant for COVID-19 response, LifeWire was able to quickly transition to remote services for victims of domestic abuse.

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