Snam Powers its Energy Pipeline Network with F5 BIG-IP and F5 NGINX Plus

Snam S.p.A. is one of the leading energy infrastructure operators in the world. Underpinning its critical role in energy security and operational modernization is a digital transformation that leans heavily on the development of an API ecosystem. Having experienced frustrations with its previous infrastructure providers, Snam turned to F5.

F5 Distributed Cloud Services Bring Cloud-Native Capabilities to SoftBank Corp.’s Private Infrastructure

Learn the unique benefits that SoftBank Corp. gained by containerizing its applications and running them on a fully managed private cloud infrastructure from F5 Distributed Cloud Services.

Team Fresh Optimizes Microservices and Cloud Environments with F5 NGINX Plus

Team Fresh is a leading provider of domestic cold-chain logistic services for the delivery of food to customers safely and quickly. When it found it could no longer effectively manage its infrastructure with NGINX Open Source as it increased its use of cloud services and microservices-based applications, Team Fresh opted for F5 NGINX Plus.

Asian Paints Empowers Transformation with F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall

F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall helps Asian Paints protect its web applications and data hosted on-premises and in the cloud through a centralized platform.

Ericsson Wallet Platform Drives Financial Inclusion and Empowerment with F5

Ericsson built an end-to-end mobile wallet solution for people to easily conduct banking transactions directly from their mobile device, including storing, transferring, and withdrawing money.

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