Articles by Haiyan Song

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Published: May 23, 2022
Today, security must fulfill multiple roles: enabler of digital transformation, steward of customer trust, and bulwark of organizational reputation. As an essential element of business success, aligning a company's perception of security as a mindset instead of just a feature represents a cultural change that requires time and effort.
Published: Feb 15, 2022
The modern application landscape continues to evolve into a world of multi-cloud, microservices, and APIs coexisting with legacy, data center-based apps. Security practices are far more challenging because of process complications and increased time pressures on app development. Organizations need to simplify their approach, with F5 Distributed Cloud Services poised to help.
Published: Apr 20, 2021
Every organization wants the same thing from their applications: the best performance for their users and exceptional security to prevent losses and harm. It's a simple concept, but delivering comprehensive security that doesn't slow the speed of innovation isn't easy given the complexities of the modern digital business.
Published: Jan 7, 2021
Mit Volterra wird F5 Kunden ermöglichen, digitale Erlebnisse auf eine ganz neue Art und Weise bereitzustellen und gleichzeitig die Herausforderungen im Zusammenhang mit der Anwendungssicherheit und -bereitstellung angehen, die uns von den vorhandenen Edge-Technologien bekannt sind. F5+Volterra stellt einen Paradigmenwechsel dar, bei dem Sicherheit und Anwendungen über Cloud und Edge hinweg weltweit durchgängig vereinheitlicht werden.