State of Application Strategy 2022: Time to Modernize Ops

It's become clear that to continue the momentum of their digital transformation journey, organizations need to renew their focus on business functions. While customer-facing experiences are still priority, enabling business functions such as legal, HR, and finance to digitize is necessary. This means CIOs are taking the driver's seat as digital transformation transitions from modernizing aps to modernizing ops.

State of Application Strategy 2022: The Future of Business Is Adaptive

Discover the major trends of F5's 2022 State of Application Strategy Report to see how businesses adapt app modernization, security, and delivery for the future.

Understanding and Addressing Spring4Shell and Related Vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-22965, CVE-2022-22950, CVE-2022-22963)

Just when we all thought it was safe to dive back into application development after the pain and churn caused by the Log4j vulnerability and the Log4Shell attacks, here comes yet another beast of a vulnerability to take a chunk out of security and devour valuable resources.

Dirty Pipe and the Importance of Application Infrastructure Protection

Dirty Pipe, a vulnerability that takes place in the Linux kernel, allows for overwriting data in arbitrary read-only files, which can lead to privilege escalation by injecting code into root processes. This means that Dirty Pipe can focus on the infrastructure level, but with a comprehensive view of the full environment, vulnerabilities like these can be properly managed as they emerge.

Migrating Your BIG-IP Fleet amid Supply Chain Challenges

If you’ve tried to buy a car, washing machine, or laptop in the last six months, you know that the global chip shortage is lengthening lead times for consumer hardware pretty much across the board. And the world of IT (including F5) is unfortunately no exception. However, F5 can help you adapt quickly to related supply chain challenges affecting your business with innovative tools like the F5 Journeys Migration Utility.

Secure, Simplify, Innovate: Charting a Path to Adaptive Apps

Digital acceleration punctuates each set of opportunities and challenges that organizations face. Business leaders seek to improve customer experience, transform the business, and differentiate through application portfolios. At the same time, IT operators wrestle with ever-growing security threats, legacy applications and infrastructures, and crushing complexity.

F5 to Demonstrate Advanced Threat Research at NVIDIA GTC

Traditional cybersecurity methods and tools are falling behind as a digital world offers nearly unlimited targets for attackers. Security companies need to capitalize on new hardware and technologies that leverage AI/ML for real-time detection and mitigation of threats at scale.

Circumvent iSeries Supply Chain Delays: Five reasons to Switch to BIG-IP Virtual Edition

At a time when speed is of the essence however, IT organizations are increasingly being hampered by lengthening component lead times brought about by the global semiconductor shortage – much to the frustration of developers.

Promon and F5 Team Up to Protect Mobile Apps and their Data

Through the F5 and Promon partnership, customers can quickly and easily implement the full functionality of F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense for mobile apps through Promon’s no-code, hassle-free SDK integration platform. This means that Android and iOS apps can be quickly secured (within minutes) without touching the app code. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via public app stores.

Standing Firm in Support of the People of Ukraine

Like most of the global community, we are witnessing the intensifying war on Ukraine with a mixture of shock, grief, and anger. Our hearts go out to the people facing the invasion of their homeland, separation from loved ones, and displacement from the land they love. While world governments determine how to respond to this act of aggression, those of us in the business sphere must address the war on Ukraine as not just a commercial concern, but as a moral imperative.

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