Free your customers from user friction and stop manual fraud with F5’s integration for ForgeRock deployments

Published April 19, 2023

As technology companies continuously evolve their cybersecurity, fraud, and risk prevention solutions, the battle still rages on to identify and stop all types of online fraud. For example, data in a recent report from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) shows that the agency received more than 2.4 million fraud reports from consumers in 2022, for a combined reported loss of more than $8.8 billion. That’s a 30% increase in just one year! Juniper Research (among others) also reports regularly on the topic, and they expect ecommerce losses to online payment fraud to exceed $48 billion globally in 2023.

These types of nefarious activities are precisely why we’ve developed (and continually evolve) F5 Distributed Cloud Services—and why we are always striving to make these services available to more users on more platforms. One of our most recent developments in this regard was to make two critical Distributed Cloud Services, Distributed Cloud Account Protection and Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence, available to users of the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

ForgeRock is a global leader in identity and access management, offering an end-to-end, AI-driven platform that is purpose-built for all identities and for any environment—on-prem, multi-cloud, or hybrid. The company delivers modern identity and access management solutions to 1,300+ organizations that help consumers, employees, and IoT to access the connected world simply and safely. With this innovation, ForgeRock customers can take advantage of F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection and Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence to fortify their security posture and defend against a range of fraud and abuse, all while reducing customer friction.

Who are you and what do you want?

Distributed Cloud Services work hand-in-hand to alleviate a wide range of threats and to ease the overall experience for legitimate users. In the simplest terms, the core of these two Distributed Cloud Services offerings is the ability to know who is accessing your resources (your applications, APIs, and endpoints) and what they intend to do (benign or dangerous). The most obvious rationale for this is to block unwanted traffic and to stop unwelcome visitors before they cause mayhem. Just as important as stopping the bad actors, however, is the ability to let legitimate users do everything they need to do without unwanted friction created by multiple sign-in requests, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and other common, but nevertheless annoying, online activities and requirements.

Distributed Cloud Account Protection monitors transactions in real time across the entire user journey to determine user intent and to identify malicious activity. This cutting-edge solution detects and eliminates online fraud with AI-powered capabilities and a closed-loop engine that stops illegitimate activity before it happens.

At the same time, Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence identifies multiple users on one device, determines user intent, and maintains a globalized historical profile—all to make life easy for good users but difficult for everyone else. With this solution, network and security operators can confidently enable trust across the entire customer journey without negatively impacting real users. And even when an attack campaign tries to bypass F5 defenses by somehow retooling, we are still able to identify the campaign based on hundreds of other signals.


  • Slash fraud and abuse
  • Increase top-line revenue and conversion rate
  • Remove friction from the user experience
  • Determine user intent
  • Prevent reputational damage
  • Maximize app security against manual fraud
  • Reduce customer support expense

How does everything connect and what’s next?

Deployed via F5’s Authentication Tree Nodes (also known as F5 Distributed Cloud Fraud and Risk Connector for ForgeRock), Distributed Cloud Account Protection and Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence deliver real-world fraud prevention that continually maintains and updates its knowledge and capabilities to reduce fraud on an ongoing basis. These powerful solutions protect FSI, enterprise, healthcare, and ecommerce deployments with data analytics and controls that guard against an ever-growing list of cybersecurity threats and fraud use cases—all without compromising the user experience.

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