NuCorder Empowers New Era of Live Online Music and Art Collaboration

Vincent Lavergne recently caught up with the founders of NuCorder for a live jam session and to learn more about their pioneering artist collaboration platform (including how NGINX is playing a supporting role in bringing it all to life).

Cures Act prompts healthcare orgs. to get prescriptive about security

Beginning April 5, 2021, healthcare providers and payers must give patients easier access to their health data—and lock security standards in place to guard that data. F5 Silverline’s Managed Security Services (DDoS, WAF, and Bot Protection) can help organizations roll out a comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant solution on a short timeline with minimal effort.

Credential Spill Incidents Double as Hacker Sophistication Continues to Rise

Join Dan Woods (VP for the Shape Security Intelligence Center at F5) and Sander Vinberg (F5 Labs Threat Evangelist), as they delve into F5 Labs' new Credential Stuffing Report with DevCentral’s John Wagnon and Jason Rahm.

Phishing Attacks Soar 220% During COVID-19 Peak as Cybercriminal Opportunism Intensifies

David Warburton, author of the F5 Labs 2020 Phishing and Fraud Report, describes how fraudsters are adapting to the pandemic and maps out the trends ahead in this video, with summary comments.

Queer Representation in Video Games – A Q&A with Sacha Coward

Video games are more influential than ever. We caught up with Sacha Coward, a prominent museum and heritage professional, historian and escape room designer, to explore the importance of identity and representation in the gaming world.

COVID-19 and the Partner Landscape – A Q&A with IDC

COVID-19 has profoundly changed the way partners go to market and engage with customers. We caught up with IDC to learn more.

National Coding Week – A Q&A With Kara Sprague, EVP and GM of BIG-IP and Girls Who Code Board Member

Kara Sprague discusses the power of coding – and why everyone should have an opportunity to participate.

Outsmarting Your Unconscious Bias – a Q&A with Valerie Alexander

Entrepreneur, author and TED alumna, Valerie Alexander shares her journey and insights on unconscious bias with the wider community in this interview.

International Women in Engineering Day 2020 – a Q&A with Sara Boddy, Sr. Director, F5 Communities

To mark this year’s Women in Engineering Day, we connected with Sara Boddy, Senior Director of F5 Communities (F5 Labs and DevCentral), to discuss her career to date and why we need to continually strive for more diversity in tech.

Taking a ‘Human-First’ Approach as Customers Swiftly Adapt

In prioritizing health and well-being, organizations all over the world are finding out how they can work effectively together even when their employees are separated by physical distance. Ian Jones, head of F5’s global Professional Services and Training Services teams, highlights the ways organizations are meeting today’s demands, and surfacing lessons that will apply long after the pandemic ends.

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