Bridging the Divide: F5 and NGINX


It’s official: NGINX is now part of F5—and we couldn’t be more excited!

Together, we'll enable multi-cloud application services across all environments, providing the ease-of-use and flexibility developers require while also delivering the scale, security, reliability, and enterprise readiness network operations teams demand.

We look forward to sharing more about why this is critical to helping you solve key business challenges in a multi-part webinar series called Bridging the Divide.

The way you develop, deploy, and deliver apps is changing. Aligning empowered Dev teams, DevOps and CI/CD culture, multi-cloud strategies, API management, and container and microservices architectures can be challenging—and it adds layers of complexity to the app development pipeline.

You need a unified, right-sized application services platform to ensure that modern and traditional apps alike are delivered at speed, without compromising scale, performance, security, and—most importantly—customer experience.

Webinars available on-demand:

  • Bridging the Divide: Modern App Development with F5 and NGINX
    • Learn how F5 and NGINX can help you bridge the divide between Dev and Ops with tools that deliver speed, security, and scale for modern app environments. We’ll introduce common app delivery use cases: ADC Augment, ADC for Multi-Cloud, and Kubernetes Integration, as well as API management. 
  • Bridging the Divide: Our Joint Vision for ADC Services
    • Take a deeper look at F5 and NGINX solutions for ADC Augment, ADC for Multi-Cloud, and Kubernetes Integration by watching a joint product demo.

  • Bridging the Divide: Modern API Management
    • Learn how F5 and NGINX can help you achieve full API lifecycle management across multi-cloud environments for both traditional and modern apps.