Down the Rabbit Hole of the Dark Web

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The term "dark web" is in common usage in the tech world, but not many understand what it is and what it can do.  With fraud efforts like credential stuffing, mailbox account takeover, and financial fraud on the rise, underground communities found on the dark web can have more influence on the security of your business. In fact, every day, thousands of new accounts are added for sale to bad actors on the dark web.

In this webinar you'll understand how F5 Shape Security solutions can protect you from unwanted automation and manual fraud.

This session aims to help you understand 3 main things:

What is the “dark web” and what you can find there, along with some insightful stats and trends

How to safely access it “dark web” resources to assess business exposure

How F5/Shape can protect your web and mobile applications against increasing attacks such as credential stuffing, account take over and fraud


John Cianfarani
Senior Sales Engineer
Shape (Part of F5)