Doshisha University Consolidates Network Equipment to Increase Operational Efficiency and Security with F5

With the adoption of BIG-IP, Doshisha University has not only reduced costs and enhanced security, but is also opening up new possibilities in terms of application delivery.

City Bank Delivers 24/7 Self-Service Banking Portal with F5, Cisco and Infosys Solution

City Bank, one of the oldest and largest private commercial banks operating in Bangladesh, needed to roll out a 24/7 self-service banking portal for its customers while ensuring a smooth upgrade to the latest version of the Infosys Finacle platform. Leveraging F5’s BIG-IP application delivery products, as well as integrations with Infosys Finacle and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), City Bank managed to eliminate outages, deliver continuous uptime and develop a new 24/7 self-service banking portal for its customers.


Ricacorp Properties Strengthens Website Security with F5 on Microsoft Azure

Faced with ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, Hong Kong’s third-largest property agency, Ricacorp Properties Limited, needed to strengthen the protection of its main business website. By deploying F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager on Microsoft Azure, the organization boosted security without compromising user experience or reliability.

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