HTTP Applications (BIG-IP v11.4 - v13: LTM, AFM, AAM)

This F5 deployment guide contains detailed information on configuring the updated iApp in BIG-IP system version 11.4 for simple web server implementations, resulting in a secure, fast, and available deployment. This guide shows how to quickly and easily configure the BIG-IP system using the HTTP iApp Application template. There is also an appendix with manual configuration tables for users who prefer to create each individual object. 

The BIG-IP system provides a number of ways to accelerate, optimize, and scale HTTP deployments. When the BIG-IP system relieves web servers from tasks such as compression, caching, and SSL processing, each server is able to devote more resources to running applications and can service more user requests.

The following diagram shows the SSL options described in this deployment guide.

Published June 13, 2018