Is BIG-IP Cloud Edition for You?

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Use this decision tree to find out:

1) If dedicated application services make sense for you. If Yes, then BIG-IP Cloud Edition can provide per-app delivery and security services on a dedicated platform. If No, then BIG-IP software can run on hardware or as a virtual edition. If Maybe, then combining occasional use of the per-app VE and BIG-IQ can help you build a hybrid solution.

2) If you need the flexibility to scale. If Yes, then BIG-IP Cloud Edition can scale with you, providing flexible licensing pools and built-in auto-scale. If Not Really, you can use BIG-IQ application templates to deploy app services—even to standard BIG-IP configurations and platforms.

3) If you want the ability to monitor your apps. If Yes, then BIG-IP Cloud Edition has dashboards so you can keep an eye on application and infrastructure health as well as give app teams detailed insights into the apps they own. If No (or you already have a monitoring solution that works for you), then you can feed your stats directly into BIG-IP Cloud Edition.

4) If you want security policies baked into the deployment. If Yes, then BIG-IP Cloud Edition lets you attach policies for WAF and DDoS defense to every app deployment so that app teams can self-serve. If No, then you can use BIG-IP Cloud Edition to deploy policies as needed.

5) If you want your apps to be boundaried. If Yes, then use BIG-IP Cloud Edition per-app services which can be upgraded on a per-app basis. If No, at least consider taking advantage of BIG-IP Cloud Edition rolling upgrades.