COVID-19 and the Partner Landscape – A Q&A with IDC

COVID-19 has profoundly changed the way partners go to market and engage with customers. We caught up with IDC to learn more.

National Coding Week – A Q&A With Kara Sprague, EVP and GM of BIG-IP and Girls Who Code Board Member

Kara Sprague discusses the power of coding – and why everyone should have an opportunity to participate.

Outsmarting Your Unconscious Bias – a Q&A with Valerie Alexander

Entrepreneur, author and TED alumna, Valerie Alexander shares her journey and insights on unconscious bias with the wider community in this interview.

International Women in Engineering Day 2020 – a Q&A with Sara Boddy, Sr. Director, F5 Communities

To mark this year’s Women in Engineering Day, we connected with Sara Boddy, Senior Director of F5 Communities (F5 Labs and DevCentral), to discuss her career to date and why we need to continually strive for more diversity in tech.

Taking a ‘Human-First’ Approach as Customers Swiftly Adapt

In prioritizing health and well-being, organizations all over the world are finding out how they can work effectively together even when their employees are separated by physical distance. Ian Jones, head of F5’s global Professional Services and Training Services teams, highlights the ways organizations are meeting today’s demands, and surfacing lessons that will apply long after the pandemic ends.

Maintenir la continuité des activités pendant une crise mondiale

Comme les réponses gouvernementales à la pandémie COVID-19 vont de la prévention et de la protection à lʼatténuation des effets, les entreprises doivent réagir rapidement aux changements spectaculaires que ces efforts ont entraîné sur lʼactivité. Que vous luttiez pour répondre aux pics dʼutilisation, communiquer efficacement avec une main-dʼœuvre tout à coup éloignée ou faire en sorte que tous les employés aient accès aux applications qui leur permettent de faire leur travail, voici quelques conseils simples pour vous aider à vous adapter à notre nouvelle réalité.

New Research Shows Global Service Providers are Increasingly Under Fire from DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against service providers are significantly on the rise, according to new research from F5 Labs. An analysis of global customer security incident data from the past three years—both mobile and landline—also found that brute force attacks, though still prevalent, are on the wane.

F5 Labs Launches Application Protection Research Series, Adds Education Content

Following the popular 2018 Application Protection Report, F5 Labs (the company's security threat intelligence research team) is introducing a portal for its Application Protection Research Series to cover longer timeframes and the big-picture threat landscape. In addition, the team is rolling out an Education series centered on foundational concepts in information security, designed for people new to the industry or interested in exploring a particular niche.

Secondary DNS: Do You Have a Back-Up Plan?

According to the 2018 Global DNS Performance Benchmark Report, the state of DNS resiliency among enterprises and top SaaS providers is poor, with 60% relying on a single source for their authoritative nameservers.1 In this article, we’ll explore the necessity of having a secondary DNS service.

F5 is committed to ensuring the security of our products and our network

As you are probably aware, F5 has completed the acquisition of NGINX and as of May 9, 2019, NGINX is now part of F5. We want to assure our customers that F5 is committed to the security of our products and our network.

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