Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2011 (BIG-IP v11 - v13: LTM, APM, AFM)

This F5 Deployment Guide provides guidance on configuring the BIG-IP system for Dynamics CRM 2011 or 2013 deployments. This guide shows how to quickly and easily configure the BIG-IP system, including BIG-IP LTM, APM, and AFM using the new, fully supported Dynamics CRM iApp Application template available from There is also an appendix with manual configuration tables for users who prefer to create each individual object.

Benefits of F5 for Microsoft Dynamics:

  • F5 offers a complete suite of application delivery technologies designed to provide a highly scalable, secure, and responsive Dynamics CRM deployment.
  • Terminating HTTPS connections at the BIG-IP LTM reduces CPU and memory load on CRM front end servers, and simplifies TLS/SSL certificate management.
  • The BIG-IP LTM can balance load and ensure high-availability across multiple CRM servers using a variety of load balancing methods and priority rules.
  • The BIG-IP LTM TCP Express feature set ensures optimal network performance for all clients and servers, regardless of operating system and version.
  • The LTM provides content compression features which improve client performance.
  • The BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM), F5's high-performance access and security solution, can provide pre-authentication and secure remote access to your Dynamics CRM environment.

The following logical configuration diagram shows the deployment described in the deployment guide:

Published June 14, 2018