CA Bundle iApp (BIG-IP v11.5+, v12.x, v13)

This F5 deployment guide provides information on how to deploy the CA bundle iApp to update or replace the default CA bundle on the BIG-IP system. The iApp also contains backup and restore functionality for the CA bundles. 

This iApp is useful because, while the BIG-IP system includes a default CA bundle certificate which contains certificates from most of the well-known Certificate Authorities (CA),  there is no easy way to update the CA bundle on the box to add or remove certificates. The iApp template allows you to add new root certificate authority certificates to the CA bundle.  You can also use the iApp to copy and paste new root certificates to the CA bundle.  

Click the iApp button below to go to  Use the deployment guide for specific instructions on downloading, installing, and using the iApp.

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