Oracle Database Firewall (BIG-IP v11.3: ASM)


This F5 deployment guide provides instructions on configuring the BIG-IP ASM v11.3 and later for unparalleled security for Oracle Database Firewall deployments.

The BIG-IP ASM and Oracle Database Firewall solution links a web application firewall with a database firewall. The two products share common reporting for web-based attempts to gain access to sensitive data, subvert the database, or execute Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against an organization’s databases. Unified reporting for both the web application firewall and database firewall provides more convenient and comprehensive security monitoring.

When threats to data are detected, they are monitored, alerted, or blocked, and the identity of the user is shared between BIG-IP ASM and Oracle Database Firewall. Malicious or compromised users can be isolated, forced to re-authenticate, or prevented from accessing the application, in real time. Subsequent attacks from the same user can be prevented, diverted, or rendered inert.