F5 makes a world of difference

Sometimes you’re just lucky.

That’s how Gregor D. feels about landing at F5.

“I chose F5 by chance, honestly,” he says. “I recall the job offer popping up on my LinkedIn page, and I applied even though I had worked in a different IT field before.”

Just over three years later, the Professional Services Consultant marvels at his good fortune.

“Everything said during the interviews phase was true,” he says. “In fact, it’s even better at F5 than anybody ever told me.”

Gregor, who works out of his home office in Erfurt, Germany, and at customer sites, knows exactly what sets F5 apart.

“I find it inspiring to work with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds,” says the world traveler. “F5 is a truly global and international company. At F5, national boundaries simply vanish and it all works just perfectly.”

Whether it’s building a custom Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) proxy solution in Germany or going to Indonesia to help implement an anti-fraud solution for a bank, Gregor says he’s always surrounded by talented, cooperative co-workers.

“What I appreciate most about my immediate colleagues is the exceptional level of IT knowledge and expertise combined with the urge to help and support each other,” he says. “We’re all delivering complex engagements, so having fellow colleagues to depend on is key to our projects.”

Much of the time Gregor is separated from the core of his team, which is located in the United Kingdom. He gets excited for team meetings and the opportunity to see everyone in person.

“We bond every time we get a chance to meet and see each other,” he says. “These are all people you like to see, talk to, party with and basically just spend as much time with as possible.”


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