Long-time F5er has advice for newcomers

Over a decade ago, Jonathan F. had a good friend who worked at F5. For years and years, the friend pestered Jonathan to join him because he said he’d love the company.

Jonathan has now been at F5 for seven years, working remotely from Minnesota.

“I help customers apply F5 technology to their unique, and often obscure, real-world needs,” says Jonathan. “I educate our customers, striving to bring a better understanding not only to the ‘how’ of our products, but also the ‘why’ of a supportable architecture.”

“Supportable architecture” might be a little too technical when friends and family ask what he does. He’s got an easy-to-comprehend answer for them, too.

“If you’ve made a phone call, browsed the Web, or swiped your credit card today,” he says, “odds are you’ve used something we’ve done.”

It’s challenging work that Jonathan admittedly geeks out on. 

“I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of our products, almost to a fault,” he says. “Mark Twain's logic definitely applies at F5: ‘To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.’”

And Jonathan appreciates that he and his co-workers get to put their hammers to work in support some of the biggest companies in the world.

“The sheer magnitude of the companies we work with on a daily basis is incredible,” he marvels.

Just as Jonathan’s friend guided him as he joined F5 in 2009, Jonathan has some advice for F5ers just coming aboard.

“Stay humble,” he advises future F5ers. “You'll quickly gain the respect of your peers.”


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