Staying in tune with F5 for over 16 years

Patty K. punctuates virtually everything with an exclamation point when she’s raving about F5.

“Good people, great environment, and a lively team!” she, er, exclaims. “We really know how to have fun!” she adds.

Patty should know. Starting at F5 over 16 years as in reception/Corp Ops, she’s now a go-to helpdesk veteran who’s a walking, talking—and singing—embodiment of F5 spirit.

Her role in the IT Desktop Support team puts her in contact with nearly every employee in the Seattle headquarters at one time or another. For them, getting a laptop fixed or recovering cell phone contacts figures to be a boring process, at best. Not with Patty.

“I can incorporate any conversation into a popular song,” she claims, which makes troubleshooting printer driver issues just a little less tiresome.

Co-workers entertain Patty in return. She recalls a favorite memory of a field employee shipping back his laptop. She says, “[It was] in a big, fluffy, yellow towel I still use to this day!”

Every company—at least every great company—has one. That special employee who’s
always dressed up in the perfect wacky costume for every event, making sure everyone remembers that serious work can be done while having fun. F5 has theirs in Patty.

“I love this job,” she says. “I can do my work, leave at the end of the day and feel that I have accomplished something. And may have made someone's day a little better, too!”


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