Marketo Form Embed

Component Name

Marketo Form Embed v2


Proxy of a base component used by other tenants. 

Allows authors to embed marketo forms inline on pages with custom post submit content (text, downloads, videos) providing users access to gated content immediately after submission. 


IMPORTANT! Authos can also embed Marketo forms as modals using the iFrame Extract Embed. This provides users quick access to the form without having it displayed on the page, this also prevents Marketo from loading all of its resources until the user requests it which can help with Target A/B testing/personalization as forms can be swapped out by JS after the page load.

To use this approach,

  1. Add a Marketo Form Embed component to an XF (experience fragment) and publish the XF 
  2. Add an iFrame Extract Embed to the content page
  3. Configure the component to point at the XF


Configuration Options

Tab: Properties 

  • Marketo Form ID to embed in web page
  • Content-type form provides access to (displays an icon associated with the content type)
  • Title (Implements the title bloc)
  • Description (Implements the text simple bloc)

Tab: Layout

  • Margin - Allows authors to set outter margin values for top/right/bottom/left
  • Padding - Allows authors to set inner padding values for top/right/bottom/left 

Tab: Background Options

  • Allows authors to set standard background options such as color and image

Same form embedded twice on the same page

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