General Info



The component enables presenting content in columns.

Configuration Options:

Tab: Layout

  • Headline
  • Column Count Desktop
  • Column Sizes Mobile
  • Column Sizes Tablet

Tab: Style

  • Background Color
  • Background Hex Color Override
  • Mobile Background Image
  • Wide Mobile Background Image
  • Tablet Background Image
  • Small Desktop Background Image
  • Desktop Background Image
  • HD Desktop Background Image
  • FHD Desktop Background Image
  • Horizontal Image Alignment
  • Vertical Image Alignment
  • Breakpoints to not get an image
  • Load immediately
  • Inner content padding

Layout options

One column without any background defined

Two equal columns, black background with white content

Two columns (8/12, 4/12) with grey background

Two columns (1/4, 3/4) with custom color background

Two columns (2/3, 1/3) with image as background

Two columns (11/12, 1/12) with image as background, content padding added

Two columns (1/12, 7/12) with hex color background, content padding added

Three columns equal with hex color background, content padding added

Three columns (1/12, 10/12 1/12) with F5 red background, content padding added

Four columns equal with dark blue background, content padding added