Using NGINX with IoT: Ingress to the Edge and Beyond

Steven Cooper, API and Platform Evangelist at Telstra

On the Internet of Things (IoT), nobody knows you are a fridge. Add a couple of trillion more connected devices, and DevOps teams are facing a new challenge. As IoT connectivity utilizing LTE CAT1/CAT M1 and narrowband continues to become more prevalent globally, it presents new challenges in building for speed, scale, and flexibility in the DevOps space. Building infrastructure to deal with millions of low‑bandwidth devices has become even more critical, requiring that you ultimately move the power of NGINX ever closer to the edge – and soon, beyond.

In his keynote at NGINX Conf 2018, Steven looks closely at how tiny IoT compute devices work, delves into the connectivity challenges of the IoT world, and explores some of the ways to deal with scaling out, with help from NGINX. He brings it all together with a demo of IoT devices and NGINX in action.

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