Why Make Your Own NGINX Modules? Theory and Practice

Vasiliy Soshnikov, Head of Development Group at Mail.Ru Group

Sometimes you have business goals which can be reached by developing your own modules for NGINX. NGINX modules can be business‑oriented and contain some business logic as well. However, how do you decide for certain that a module should be developed? How might NGINX help you with development?

In his session at NGINX Conf 2018, Vasiliy provides the detailed knowledge you need to build your own NGINX modules, including details about NGINX's core, its modular architecture, and guiding principles for NGINX code development. Using real‑world case studies and business scenarios, he answers the question, "Why and when do you need to develop your own modules?"

The session is quite technical. To get the most out of it, attendees need at least intermediate‑level experience with NGINX code.

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