Mitigate Network DDoS with F5 Virtual Edition and Intel SmartNIC

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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks threaten businesses with downtime that can be damaging to their brand and reputation, and even lead to financial losses. Attacks against the network, DNS, and TLS tiers can render your networks, applications, or other supporting infrastructure inaccessible. Large network layer DDoS attacks can consume massive amounts of CPU resources and ultimately overwhelm security solutions and take services offline.

The global transition to 5G, combined with the growing number of web-connected devices, also means that more powerful DDoS attacks can be launched using smaller armies of for-hire botnets. This makes the threat and complexity of these attacks greater than ever.

As more companies migrate software-based security solutions in the cloud and at the edge, implementing robust, high performance DDoS protection has become increasingly difficult. F5’s BIG-IP VE for SmartNICs solution (BIG-IP VE integrated with an Intel SmartNIC) allows organizations to offload complex and voluminous DDoS attacks to a high-performance FPGA embedded within the SmartNIC. The result: Thwarting attacks up to 40Gbps in size while reducing TCO by up to 50 percent.

Additionally, this solution can be used to consolidate, and improve the performance of other critical service provider capabilities, including CGNAT and L4 traffic acceleration.

Watch the DDoS demonstration to see the benefits of SmartNIC offload.