Secure App First Strategies

Date: June 15, 2022


Over 60% of European organizations believe that software-first strategies are critical to digital business success. As a result, strengthening and modernizing app dev and delivery capacity is a key priority on 2022 business agendas. 

As the digital demands of the business continue to escalate, software delivery teams are under extraordinary pressure to deliver more work faster, putting dev productivity in the spotlight. IDC data highlights high ambitions for organizations across EMEA to further decrease development lead time by 35% in 2022. Speed, however, counts for little if teams are held back by operational challenges such as security and application infrastructure complexity.

As many organizations have come to learn, running modern-day app environments is hard, particularly in the context of deep technical complexity, growing security risks and the high shortage of skills capable to operate such landscapes at scale. 

On June 15, 2022 join IDC's webinar, co-hosted with Red Hat and NGINX, to discuss how we can drive adaptive application strategies to enable developer and delivery teams to focus on what matters for the business.

The webinar will discuss:
• Board level expectations for app delivery in 2022
• Friction points to operating modern app environments at scale
• How to free-up app delivery teams from infrastructure chores to write apps.


Mark Boddington, Enterprise Solutions Architect – F5