F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP Security Services and New BIG-IP Platform

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In the last two years due to the recent pandemic, most organizations have navigated a combination of unforeseen critical security threats, unparalleled spikes in application access, and business demands to stand up customer-facing digital services at an extremely rapid pace. Business and IT leaders no longer have the luxury of building technology strategies to catch up to the past—or even to cater to the status quo. They must build adaptive architectures and application portfolios that can quickly and appropriately respond to whatever comes next, and this adaptive solution approach should also work for legacy application architectures.

With that in mind, F5 has announced a new line of F5 Systems and BIG-IP software offerings that empower customers to manage, modernize, secure, automate, and deploy their applications—whether traditional or modern—across any environment.

Get a head start on exploring the offerings by joining us at this briefing as we will be covering: -

1. Introduction to F5 Distributed Cloud (F5XC) Platform

  • The Distributed Cloud Market Trend
  • How F5XC simplifies and accelerates Distributed Cloud Adoption
  • What are the benefits to F5 partners?

2. F5XC Security Services - WAAP

  • Deep Dive into F5XC WAAP?
    • DDoS/NGWAF/Bot Defense/API security
  • Competitive info highlight
  • How does F5XC WAAP empower channel partner to expand security business
  • Roadmap

3. New F5 BIG-IP Platform

  • What is F5 BIG-IP Platform
    • Introducing the New Multi-tenancy OS, F5OS
    • Introducing the New BIG-IP Software – Modular BIG-IP
    • Introducing the HW: rSeries and VELOS?
    • Tier Pay-as-you-Grow Structure and licensing
  • Benefits of F5 BIG-IP Platform
    • Core Market Trends
    • How the New BIG-IP Platform help channel partners to simplify operational complexity, improve site resilience and time to market for F5 end-user customers
  • GA Timeline and Future Roadmap
  • Migration Tool – Journeys