What’s Next for Financial Services Institutions?

Future Finance Industry Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities:
How to Stay Ahead of Customers' Digital Expectations.

Most organizations today are in the digital experience business, including financial services institutions. In the wake of COVID-19, online customer expectations are higher than ever.   


of customers have sought discounts or refunds due to a poor digital experience.

AppDynamics’  App Attention Index

So, increasingly, virtual experiences define the way people feel about your organization—and your brand. Today, apps are your business—and a big part of the future of the finance industry.

Today, apps are your business—and a big part of the future of the finance industry.

What we do is make sure they remain available and are accessible to the right people with the right access to the right information—ensuring the integrity of your data, your account holders’ data, and your brand. At our core, we enable you to secure and deliver the exceptional digital experiences that customers demand via adaptive applications.



60% of consumers would share significant personal information with their bank in exchange for lower pricing on products and services.

Global Banking Report

Banking on Adaptive Applications

The world of banking is finally waking up to the potential of open innovation to help solve some of its biggest challenges—making services available to unbanked customers or underserved small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers.

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Banking on Adaptive Applications: Key Takeaways from our Global Open Banking Report  >

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With F5, you gain a suite of solutions that’s inclusive of the technologies Shape and NGINIX bring to the table. For example, Shape secures business (and protects customers) by preventing fraud via exploitation and abuse of applications. NGINIX helps automate modern apps, allowing for a more dynamic and agile infrastructure as you expand your workloads. 

F5 provides a comprehensive set of security solutions designed to protect sensitive financial data with a zero-trust approach and powerful visibility tools.


Read what banking and financial services professionals have to say about the trends shaping the application landscape and how their organizations are transforming to meet the evolving demands of the digital economy.

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2021 State of Application Strategy Report

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Trying to build and deliver modern, convenient applications using legacy infrastructure comes with challenges and limitations. As you move forward in your digital transformation, a flexible, extensible Enterprise Application Architecture (EAA) can help drive the consistency and alignment required to support outcomes at scale—a key requirement for meeting expectations around application security, performance, and reliability. 

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The Disappearing IT Security Budget: A 2020 Cybersecurity Crisis

Are cybersecurity budgets increasing or decreasing?

In December 2019, experts were predicting 2020 would see a modest 8.7% growth in cybersecurity spending. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it comes as no surprise that security budgets instead are being slashed, prompting Gartner to revise its estimate to 2.4% growth in spending. Are they right? 

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Explore today's top challenges for financial services

Financial Services Security

Robust security for financial services is essential. That’s why 15 of the 15 top U.S. banks use F5 solutions.

Open Banking

Open banking is revolutionizing the way people across the globe interact with their bank. But it’s also opening up financial services to new security threats and performance issues.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the key to getting past legacy scalability and performance constraints and giving customers the exceptional digital experiences they expect.

GRC and Fraud Management

Protecting your applications and staying compliant are essential to being a trusted online presence. One challenge is that financial institutions are one of the most lucrative targets for sophisticated, organized crime rings.