C04 iFrame Extract Embed

General Info

Article Extract


The component extracts any article from the Library application into an iframe. The article content is shown in the covering layer on button click.

Author Tip! Only AEM pages are supported for display in iFrame Extract Embeds. 

Configuration Options:

Tab: Properties

  • Embed Type
    • Content page or Experience Fragment: Experience fragments are great for embedded Marketo forms on pages
    • PDF: PDF files
  • Path to embed (link to AEM page, experience fragment or PDF path)
  • Extract Embed Name - Enter value to enable deep linking into the view. Note the value must be unique on the page, recommend using the path to embed file name. 
  • Content displayed on page prior to opening the modal
    • Hide Title?
    • Title
    • Hide Description?
    • Description
    • Hide Icon?
    • Extract Type - Icon to display
    • CTA Button Label 
    • CTA Display Format (Button or Link)
  • Back button settings
    • Modal back button text override - provides the ability to set custom back button text as seen when the modal window is open
    • Back button return anchor point - to specify an anchor point to which the user should be moved to when going back from the modal view. It only works when a user opens a page in "modal view", that is with selector pointing to the Iframe Embed in the url. 

Tab: Style

  • Standard background color options
  • CTA Text Color
  • CTA Button Color
  • Title Text Color
  • Inner content padding

Example Configurations

Embed Options

F5-com Article

F5-com News Article with changed CTA title

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View PDF

PDF Embed Example

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F5-com Products Landing Page Example with deep link

Security Products ›
As the black-market price for stolen data declines, attackers turn to cryptojacking schemes to maximize their profits—all at your expense.
Read the article

Labs Article

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Sample description entered by the author in description field

Read the article

AppSec Article Example

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Download the report

2020 App Protect Report

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Load the modal

Register Now

Marketo Form Modal

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Layout Options

Custom description (CTA as Link Example)

Custom CTA Link Text

Custom Title

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Custom description (CTA as Button Example)

Custom Title - changed button color

Custom CTA Button Text
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Custom description (Hide Title / CTA as Button)

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Custom CTA Link Text

Custom Title (Hide description / CTA as Link)

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Custom description (Hide Icon / CTA as Button Example)

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Color and Icon Options

Newsletter icon

Labs article with long content

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Webinar icon

Education Article

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Video icon

F5.com solution page with appstack

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