M26 Button Bloc

Component Name

Button Bloc


Button Bloc component with style and layout options. Available in F5.com and F5 Library projects.

Base Component? 


Configuration Options


  • CTA Display Text - Text which will be used as button/link label.
  • CTA Link Type - Dropdown which include all button/link type (Internal, External, Download Document and YouTube).
  • CTA Link Path - Field which stored button/link path to the internal or external page (depends on CTA Link Type).
  • Target Link - Dropdown which include all possible values how to open CTA Link. It's available for all CTA Link Type besides Download Document (Same window, New window, Video Embed Modal)
  • Display Carrot at End of CTA Display Text? - Display Carrot if checked.
  • Aria Label, Anchor title, Analytics tracking name - Fields needed for analytics.


  • Multiple CTA Display Orientation - Rendered as dropdown or normal button/link list.
  • CTA Display Format - Rendered as Button or Link.
  • Min-Width
  • Button color
  • Button outline color
  • Text color


  • Display Direction - Rendered as Horizontal or Vertical list.
  • Button block variant - makes the button full width with the "Button" CTA Link format
  • Internal Spacing (padding)
  • External Spacing (margin)
  • Nudge

Button block variant [Format button]