Application and Infrastructure Availability

Easily manage load balancing, container traffic routing, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and full failover in a disaster recovery situation. Keep your apps running 24/7.    

Why Application and Infrastructure Availability Matters

Your servers won’t reboot after an update. Your cloud provider has an outage. A Kubernetes pod just went down. Any of these can shut down your business, day or night. The question isn’t when you’ll get back online again. It’s how many customers you’ll have lost in the process.

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How F5 Can Help

For more than 20 years, companies have trusted F5 to deliver on their availability needs. On-premises, hybrid, or public cloud, F5 provides solutions that meet the demanding availability needs of any customer. It’s the reason why 48 of the Fortune 50 choose F5.

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选择 95%《财富》50 强企业所依赖的可用性解决方案

随着业务不断增长,客户对于全天候可用性的期望也有所提升。应用变得越来越复杂,多云提供商(私有和公共)提供各项功能与服务。F5 为任何类型的部署提供最广泛的硬件和软件解决方案,以满足最严苛和极致的业务需求。

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管理 Kubernetes 入口


拥有了基于微服务的解决方案后,您还需要与高度动态和临时性架构相一致的解决方案。F5 简化了直接集成到群集管理系统中的流程,无论其托管在何处,使得安全和网络团队都能够在不减缓开发速度的情况下始终保持服务正常运行。

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阻止 DDoS 攻击


分布式拒绝服务 (DDoS) 攻击时刻威胁着企业,攻击导致的网络停机可能会严重损害企业品牌形象,甚至造成重大经济损失。无论是大规模、计算还是应用导向,F5 都能通过基于软件即服务 (SaaS) 的服务或硬件和软件设备,提供部署为托管服务的 DDoS 保护。

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2021 年应用策略现状报告

复杂性提升:近 50% 的企业管理着 5 个或以上的架构。

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