Automation that grows with your business

Supporting sustainable automation

Automating and orchestrating IT processes can result in great initial gains in agility and operational efficiency. The next step in the process is ensuring that those gains are sustainable. F5 fully supports our powerful automation solutions—which are specifically designed to be sustainable over the long term, reducing operational expenses.

Sustainable Automation Solutions

API Contract

An API contract defines and standardizes the terms of service, roadmap, SLAs, availability, service tiers, support, and more between F5, our partners, and our customers.


Declarative APIs

Fully supported declarative APIs cut down on the amount of code your teams need to write—streamlining configuration and deployment. 

Imperative APIs

You’ll always have some applications that require custom configurations. Use the robust F5 iControl REST API to get comprehensive control and customize to best suit your app.

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White Paper

Automating F5 Application Services: A Practical Guide

App Services 3.0 Extension

Get a flexible, low-overhead way to manage application-specific configurations on the BIG-IP platform using a declarative model. 

API Services Gateway

Package supported and bespoke extensions in containerized, extensible development environments.

BIG-IQ 6.0

Deploy applications more quickly and more consistently than ever before—whether they’re on premises or in the cloud.

Ansible Modules

Automate your BIG-IP device configurations using Ansible playbooks and these modules.

Container Connector

Integrate with native container environments, such as Kubernetes and Mesos, and PaaS container orchestration and management systems.

iControl REST API

Extend declarative interfaces as needed to achieve the perfect solution for your environment.

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