F5 Cloud-Native Solutions at MWC Barcelona 2022

28 February – 3 March

Cloud-Native for All | Support for Traditional and Modern Networks

We are excited to announce F5’s new, industry-leading, cloud-native solutions during MWC Barcelona 2022. We've refactored some of the F5 BIG-IP platform’s critical security functions like CGNAT and Edge Firewall (part of our Advanced Firewall Manager) into agile CNFs. These are true cloud-native form factors which can be deployed in both traditional and modern networks and will be production-ready in 2022. You can also learn how our multi-cloud management tools, through F5 Volterra, let you enjoy the resiliency and native features of multi-cloud—with less management overhead. F5 provides security-focused solutions with built-in automation and resource allocation, allowing you to spin up and spin down applications instantly and manage workloads with a single pane of glass.

Update: F5 has elected to not have a physical presence at MWC Barcelona, but will offer virtual meetings.
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New Security CNFs

Re-architected versions of BIG-IP security services work on Kubernetes platforms and communicate via APIs: F5 BIG-IP AFM, BIG-IP CGNAT, BIG-IP DNS, and BIG-IP Policy Enforcement Manager. CNFs improve flexibility and control, offload traffic, and can reduce OpEx by 60%.

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New Security CNF


The Time is Now to Add CNFs for 4G and 5G Networks

Light Reading webinar: Cloud-native network functions aren't only for 5G future goals—refresh outdated technologies for IT or Telco workloads.


Multi-Cloud Management

Multi-Cloud Management

Connect and secure multi-cloud application deployments without unnecessary cost and complexity

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VELOS HW for Microservices

VELOS HW for Microservices

NEW: Compact, higher computation chassis and blades, mix and match BIG-IP versions

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VELOS Customer Case Study

VELOS Customer Case Study

Telecom needed high-performance security with small footprint from core to edge

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Managing API Sprawl

This free F5 report, Continuous API Sprawl, analyzes the serious threat to business and the economy posed by the global proliferation of APIs. “As APIs of all kinds proliferate, it will become common for organizations to reach a point where they’re unable to effectively manage and control them."

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OCTO API Sprawl Report


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