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Article / Jul 16, 2018

New Jenkins Campaign Hides Malware, Kills Competing Crypto-Miners

Threat actors continue to find creative yet relatively unsophisticated ways to launch new campaigns to reap profits from crypto-mining operations.

Article / Jul 11, 2018

Tackling Gootkit's Traps

Gootkit malware uses misleading code to hinder manual research and automated analysis.

Blog / Jul 03, 2018

Snooping on Tor from Your Load Balancer

An F5 Labs researcher snoops on Tor exit node traffic from a load balancer. What he finds will shock you. SHOCK YOU.

Article / Jun 29, 2018

BackSwap Defrauds Online Banking Customers Using Hidden Input Fields

BackSwap demonstrates unique behavior in its manipulation of user input fields and its handling of International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs).