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Article / Jun 21, 2018

New Campaign Targeting Apache Struts 2, WebLogic Deploys Malware Using VBScript

With the vast availability of new exploits and the competition for victims’ resources, the multi-exploit trend continues to be popular among attackers.

Blog / Jun 15, 2018

Russian Attacks Against Singapore Spike During Trump-Kim Summit

Singapore saw a sharp rise in attacks targeting a variety of ports, from SIP clear-text (5060), Telnet, SQL, and host-to-host ports to those used for remote router management and proxy servers and caching.

Blog / Jun 12, 2018

Economic Espionage: How Nation-State-Funded APTs Steal Billions in Secrets

Don’t think your company is immune from nation-state APTs going after your intellectual property. Take these essential steps to protect yourself.

Blog / May 31, 2018

Advanced Attackers: Stealthy, Patient, Dangerous

Advanced attackers are considered a top threat by CISOs. Although they are rare, their stealthy determination to learn everything about a target before they strike makes them especially dangerous.