CHEW on This: How Our Digital Lives Create Real World Risks

F5 Labs' Preston Hogue writes for SecurityWeek, discussing the CHEW framework for assessing the motives behind attacks.
August 17, 2018
1 min. read

With each entity, process or service that moves from the physical world into cyberspace, there is a corresponding transformation to the threat landscape. Digital transformation doesn’t just change the business model or the supply chain dynamic. It also introduces significant new threats that go beyond monitoring web traffic and securing networks. 

Those threats take a variety of forms known as “CHEW”: criminal, hacktivism, espionage and (cyber) warfare. Driving CHEW is the idea that digital transformation has given individuals, small countries and other minor players the ability to affect even the largest organizations, corporations, governments, political and industry associations. 

Read the full article published June 27, 2018 here: by SecurityWeek.

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