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Notation Key: ® = Registered trademark, ™ = Trademark, SM = Service Mark


Mark Notation Descriptor(s)
3DNS product(s), device, controller
AAM ® product(s), module
Access Policy Manager ® product module, access and security solution, solution, product
Advanced Client Authentication feature
Advanced Firewall Manager product, module
Advanced Routing feature
Advanced WAF ® services
AFM product, module
A Force For slogan
Agility event, training, program
Amplify ® product(s)
Anti-Bot Mobile SDK, product, services
APM ® product module, access and security solution, solution, product
Application Acceleration Manager product(s), module
Application Cloud Services services
Application Security Manager application delivery security controller, product module
Application Services Controller product, module
Applications without Constraints slogan
AskF5 knowledge base, website
ASM ® application delivery security controller, product module
ASPEN MESH software
BIG-IP ® application delivery controller, product, platform, family, suite
BIG-IP EDGE GATEWAY ® product module, remote access solution, product, solution
BIG-IQ ® product, module, system
Blackfish ® cyber security services
Botwall ® cyber security services
® certification program, services, training
COHESION program, partner program, cloud program
Cloud Extender ® feature, product, solution
CloudFucious blog, journal
Clustered Multiprocessing feature, technology, architecture
CMP ® feature, technology, architecture
Data Manager product, solution
DataSafe feature
DDoS Hybrid Defender ® module, product, device
computer security services
DevCentral online community, developer community
online community, developer community
DNS Express ® feature
DSC ® feature
DSI technology
Edge Client ® software module, solution
Edge Gateway product module, remote access solution, product, solution
Edge Portal ® App, application, software module, solution
ELEVATE ® program, partner program, partner rewards program
ENGAGE program, partner program, managed services program
Enterprise Manager product(s), centralized management appliance
F5 ® product(s), solutions, professional services
® product(s), professional services
F5 Access product, module, application
F5 Agility event, training, program
F5 Analytics ® product
F5 Aspire event training, program
F5 Elite ® Channel services program
F5 Engage Mobile application
F5 FAN services
F5 Labs program, solutions, website
® program, solutions, website
F5 Management Pack ® product, solution
F5 Networks ® products, application delivery network devices, professional services
F5 READY ® services
F5 Synthesis (in running text/headings) architecture
f5 Synthesis (in image) architecture
F5 TMOS ® platform, architecture
Fast Application Proxy feature
Fast Cache feature
Global Traffic Manager product(s), solution
GTM product(s), solution
GUARDIAN ® channel services program, customer support services
HERCULON ® security product(s), platform, family, suite
HSB software
iApps ® templates, deployments, objects
IBR feature
iCall ® technology, feature
iControl ® API, interface
iHealth ® system, service, solution
Intelligent Browser Referencing feature
Intelligent Compression feature
IPv6 Gateway feature
iQuery ® protocol, feature
iRules ® scripting language, scripts, feature
iRules OnDemand service
iSeries ® platform, architecture
iSession ® feature, network tunneling feature, tunnel
iWorkflow ® product, feature
Leaked Credential Check feature
products, solutions
Link Controller product module
LTM ® application delivery controller, product module
Local Traffic Manager application delivery controller, product module
Message Security Manager feature module
MobileSafe ® mobile protection, security product
MSM feature module
NGINX ® product, service
® product
NGINX Plus ® product, service
NGINX Controller product, service
OneConnect feature
Packet Velocity ® ASIC
PEM product
Point Load Balancer ® product
Policy Enforcement Manager product
Privileged User Access service
Protocol Security Manager feature module
PSM feature module
Real Traffic Policy Builder ® engine, feature
Ready Defense ® computer security services
SalesXchange event, training, program
event, training, program
ScaleN ® feature, technology, architecture
SDAS* ® offering
SDC product
® cyber security services
Shape Connect ® cyber security services
Shape Defense ® cyber security services
Shape Enterprise Defense ® cyber security services
Shape Recognize cyber security services
Shape Security ® cyber security services
Shapeshifter ® cyber security services
Signaling Delivery Controller product
Silverline ® computer security services
Silverline Threat Intelligence ® computer security service
SIRT computer security services
Software Defined Application Services offering
Solutions for an application world ® slogan
SSL Acceleration module
SSL Everywhere ® architecture, solution
SSL Orchestrator ® product(s), device
StrongBox ® evaluation program
SuperVIP ® feature, virtual IP address, technology
SYN Check feature
SYNTHESIS ® architecture
TCP Express feature
TDR feature
TechXchange event, training, program
event, training, program
Threat Campaigns feature
TMOS ® platform, architecture
Traffic Management Operating System ® platform, architecture
TrafficShield ® product(s), device
Diameter solutions, products
TrainingPass ® program
Transparent Data Reduction (TDR) feature
TurboFlex ® technology, feature
UNITY ® channel program, partner program
VAULT program, partner program, security program
vCMP ® feature, hypervisor, technology
VIPRION ® application delivery controller, system, chassis, blades
Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing feature, hypervisor, technology
WA product(s), Web application delivery device, product module, platform
WAF Express ® cloud-based service, security feature
WE MAKE APPS GO ® slogan
WE MAKE APPS GO Faster. Smarter. Safer. ® slogan
WebAccelerator product(s), Web application delivery device, product module, platform
WebSafe web protection, security product


* Do not use “SDAS” in Japan – use software defined application services instead.