Application Protection Research Series

We focus on applications because your adversaries focus on applications.

Applications have become the focal point of the Internet, the workhorses behind organizations of all types. Attackers have figured this out, and they target applications more than anything else (besides people). This research series ties together trends and data from a number of perspectives to give an overall picture of the application security threat landscape.

2019 Application Protection Series

Why Application Security?

Find out why we care so much about application security, how applications have grown into the weird beasts that they are today, and how our work fits into the bigger picture of securing and running an application.


2019 Application Protection Report

In this companion podcast, the 2019 F5 Labs Application Protection Report researchers examine how both apps and threats are changing, and what security practitioners can do to stay ahead of these changes.

2019 Application Protection Series

API Breaches and the Visibility Problem

API use has grown tremendously as applications grow more decentralized. Some large apps have hundreds of APIs, and mobile apps depend on them completely. API security, however, is lagging, creating easy targets for attackers.

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See the Lifecycle of the 4 Major Attack Types:

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