Application Protection Research Series

We focus on applications because your adversaries focus on applications.

Applications have become the focal point of the Internet, the workhorses behind organizations of all types. Attackers have figured this out, and they target applications more than anything else (besides people). This research series ties together trends and data from a number of perspectives to give an overall picture of the application security threat landscape.


API Authentication Incidents

The second volume of the 2020 Application Protection Report explores how API authentication goes wrong, what happens when it does, and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t.


APIs, Architecture, and Making Sense of the Moment

APIs have become critical for business online, but they are also leading to more security incidents, most of which should have been preventable. The first volume of the 2020 Application Protection Report explores the risk landscape around APIs, and sets the stage for a deeper exploration of application architecture and how it relates to risk.


The Virtue of Visibility

This is the most in-depth version of the 2019 Application Protection Report. It contains research and data from all of the 2019 episodes, updated with 2019 breach trends that paint a clearer picture of where application threats are heading. Cancel some afternoon meetings and take a deep dive with us!

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