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Blog / Jun 14, 2018

Russian Attacks Against Singapore Spike During Trump-Kim Summit

Singapore saw a sharp rise in attacks targeting a variety of ports, from SIP clear-text (5060), Telnet, SQL, and host-to-host ports to those used for remote router management and proxy servers and caching.

Article / Apr 12, 2018

Windows IIS 6.0 CVE-2017-7269 Is Targeted Again to Mine Electroneum

Attackers are targeting a Windows IIS vulnerability first disclosed a year ago to mine Electroneum.

Blog / Apr 10, 2018

Know the Risks to Your Critical Apps and Defend Against Them

Critical apps are the ones that must never go down or be hacked. They are also the hardest to defend because they are often massive, ancient, and touch everything.

Article / Apr 6, 2018

The Global Playing Field is Leveling Out as Europe and Asia Take on More DDoS Attacks

The latest DDoS trends include the return of large volumetric DDoS attacks, the rise of application targeted attacks, and businesses in Europe and Asia are growing targets.

/ Apr 3, 2018

Avoid Becoming a Crypto-Mining Bot: Where to Look for Mining Malware and How to Respond

People are mining coins all over the place-all it costs is money for the power bill. So, of course, clever people are figuring out how to use other people’s power to mine cryptocurrency.

Article / Mar 28, 2018

Old Dog, New Targets: Switching to Windows to Mine Electroneum

Apache Struts 2 Jakarta Multipart Parser RCE crypto-mining campaign is now targeting Windows, not just Linux systems.

Blog / Mar 22, 2018

When Information Security is a Matter of Public Safety

Seven steps for improving the security of critical infrastructure systems—and protecting the public from unnecessary risk.