November 21, 2018

Digital Takeaways From the Supreme Court Fight

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It’s always interesting to watch how the ongoing digital transformation of our lives is changing the world in ways we never would have anticipated years ago. Financial information, social interactions, even our physical locations may be up for grabs in cyberspace, with real-world ramifications.

For a few weeks this fall, the U.S. was fixated on a dramatic fight in the Senate over the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Like Anita Hill did decades ago during the confirmation of Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford took to the Senate floor to testify about her experiences with Kavanaugh.

But whereas Hill’s testimony took place in Senate chambers and television, in 2018 there were digital footprints everywhere. Through the proceedings, we could watch the progression from 30-year-old testimony to the modern era where so much of our lives is recorded, documented, and potentially available to be used.

Read the full article published November 14, 2018 here: by SecurityWeek.

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